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Pet Tags for dogs, cats, horses and other pets are now available.


PetCleanse Tag

Repels fleas, ticks & mites, and cleanse your pet of toxins, without the use of chemicals or artificial ingredients.

"I put the PetCleanse Tag on my dog, China girl, who constantly scratched her ears because they were inflamed from ear mites. I was delighted with the result! I then took the PetCleanse Tag off China girl and put it on my other dog, Paris girl, for a week. China girl's ears got inflamed again as shown in the first photo. I then put the PetCleanse Tag back on China girl once again and within a few days, her ears healed up – see photo. Thank you so much - the result is amazing!"

Leanne, Adelaide 2019

pet tag - earmite testimonial photo Leanne Frisielo

"I am in awe !!!

My 13 year dog has had a growth on his hip for over two years.

The Vet wasn’t too concerned about it. It just wasn’t pleasant to look at.

I recently found this new pet product that cleanses out toxins and this is what happened. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen to the growth.

Placed the pet product on his collar
Day 1. Put PetCleanse on Collar
Day 3.
Day 3.
The growth fell off!
Day 6. Growth fell off!

The growth fell off after only 6 days and is almost 100% healed.

My dog is also more energetic and for a 13 y-o dog that is fantastic. I can’t wait to show the Vet. WE ARE SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!"

Carole, Canada

Athena Testimonial PetCleanse

"Athena is an American Blue Staffordshire Terrier 2 years 8 months. Prior to placing the tag on her collar she was very excitable. Since she has been wearing the Cleanse Pet Tag she seems to be more centred and attentive. At the moment we are fishing at King Ash Bay, Gulf of Carpentaria in the Northern Territory (in the tropics) where Athena has been laying on the grass and shows no signs of any rashes. The Cleanse Tag is working for her."

Jeanette, Alice Springs NT

pet vital dog testimonial Paul 1
pet vital dog testimonial Paul 2

My 9yr old rescue dog (who has in operable mass cell tumours) is loving his new Pet Cleanse tag!

Gone are the days where we would struggle to give him tablets!

No more poisonous flea or worm tablets for him ☠️🚫

Now nothing is ingested or injected, so there is no need to worry about whether the supplement is compatible with your pet, or taking in substances that their bodies do not actually need 🙌

If you care about your pet I highly recommend checking these out! I've just ordered the Vital tag for him as well!

Paul, Adelaide 2019

PetVital Tag

Repels fleas, ticks & mites, and cleanse your pet of toxins, without the use of chemicals or artificial ingredients.


"Scooby, our 10.5 year old Maltese-Silky has Canine Dementia symptoms and slowed down significantly over the last 18 months.

Our PetVital tag arrived late yesterday. Bryan put it on Scooby’s collar early afternoon and that night the door bell rang. For the first time in more than a year, Scooby’s ears pricked up, he jumped off the couch and ran down the corridor to greet our guest. He used to do this all the time but had stopped once the Dementia progressed.

We wondered if we’d have to take off the PetVital at night but, Scooby slept well through the night.

We are delighted with our PetVital Tag, and I'm sure Scooby is too!"

Michelle, Adelaide 2019