Meridian System

Want To Boost Your Meridian System?

The ingredients in the Energy Card help increase the energy flow in our meridian system by enlivening the molecular structure of water in our body. (70-80% of our body is made or water).

If you find it difficult to meditate but would like to calm your mind, the Energy Card will help.

The Energy Card also helps to significantly increase your level of consciousness. If you happen to fall into the negative states of being, it can bring you out quickly. It also provides a buffer so you don't fall so readily into negative states, when you have the card on you or near you. The card has a 1.5 meter radius of effectiveness.

The ingredients in the card also assist with mental, emotional and physical discomfort.

This Rose Gold coloured, beautifully designed Energy Card looks and feels great. Made from Bronze.

The most advanced Energy Card in the market utilizing the latest in scalar quantum technology to positively influence your overall health and well-being.

Using cutting edge longitudinal scalar wave technology, Energy Wave’s proprietary process charges the Energy Card with informational scalar fields (IDF) that energize and harmonize the cellular functions of your body, structure and balance your water and your food on a quantum level.

By carrying the Energy Wave Worldwide Energy Card with you and waving or passing it over your food, beverages or water, you will feel energized at the same time as the taste of your food and beverages is much improved.

Do not leave home without this amazing ground breaking technology captured in a card for your convenience!

Product Life: 5 years

Assists and enhances:

  • Strength and energy
  • Focus and Clarity
  • Balancing Mind and Body
  • Meditation and calmness
  • Improved taste and effectiveness of food, beverages and cosmetic products

Helps Relieve:

  • Stress
  • Headaches
  • Reduces Electro Magnetic radiation issues
  • General discomfort

... and much more