The Future of Work

and Our Financial Security

In our parent's or grandparent's generation, you could get a job for life. We were encouraged to go to University, get a professional degree and we would be financially secure.

This is no longer the case. In the last decade, jobs are more likely to last for 2-3 years rather than 5-10 years. It would not be surprising for our young people today to have 30 jobs in their lifetime.

This is problematic for most of us because we have ongoing financial commitments such as mortgages/rents, car repayments, food and utility bills etc. that do not stop and wait until you find another job if you happen to be retrenched.

This situation applies for small business owners too. Most small businesses fail within 3-5 years.

Putting all your financial income eggs in one basket today is very risky. You need multiple income streams that do not rely on the primary income source (your job or business to keep alive).

The best form of secondary income would be one where you build a team of people to to work with, so that you are not totally dependent on yourself to generate income. You want to still be earning income when you are ill, holidaying, sleeping at night – passive income.

The Exponential Business Model is the most affordable and yet the most powerful way to provide you with income insurance & invest in your retirement life style.

You can work this Exponential Business Model part time, in addition to your current job or business.

To find out more, watch the The Future of Work – The Income Security Plan video above.