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Are you or your family using technology & WI-FI in your Home, Office or School?

Did you know EMF has been classified as a level 2B possible carcinogen by the World Health Organisiation (WHO) & the Precautionary Principle has been recommended?

Please join us for an evening where we will share information to Educate & Empower you to make decisions about how you & your family use technology & WI-FI.

If you’ve had a feeling that you & your family are exposed to a rapidly increasing amount of EMF exposure through WI-FI at home, the office & now in schools, come along & you will learn:

  • What EMF is & how much we are really exposed to it
  • What the Precautionary Principle is & how to apply it
  • How to use technology safely with minimal disruption to life
  • How to teach your children to use technology safely at home & school to minimise exposure to EMF
  • Best devices to use to protect you & your family.

You will walk away with practical solutions that you can implement immediately that won’t massively disrupt your life.

Join us & empower yourself to make informed decisions.

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  • $10 for Energy Wave Distributors
  • FREE for guests